Demo App

The demo app is a simple implementation showing how to create a blog, photo gallery and contact form, as well as how to set up session management, error handling and csv downloads.

You can also log into the Keystone Admin UI and see how it works using the demo account.

SydJS Website

The team at Thinkmill created a new website for SydJS, Sydney's Javascript Meetup, using Keystone.

It features a database of meetups, members, links, blog, organisations and mentors, as well as support for account creation and login using Facebook, Twitter and GitHub accounts.

It also includes the new client-side content management features, and a page where members can manage their profiles, rsvp to meetups and submit posts and links.

KeystoneJS in Production

If you're curious about what can be done with KeystoneJS, here are a few commercial projects built with it:

Gold Class Butler

KeystoneJS powers the API and payment integration behind Event Cinemas' mobile app for ordering food and drink while you're watching a movie

Macmillan Connect

Macmillan Education's next generation of learning applications is powered by KeystoneJS, which provides their licensing system, back-end API, progress synchronisation and mark book generation for teachers.

Yoga Australia

The Yoga Teachers Association of Australia's website and back-end management system is built with KeystoneJS

Suit Shop

KeystoneJS is behind the beautiful design, dynamic content and appointment setting features and customer area of Suit Shop's website


BodyMindLife's KeystoneJS-powered website has dynamic content, events, timetables, and pass purchasing integrated with the MindBodyOnline studio management system.

Community Examples

These projects are contributed by community members, and are examples of KeystoneJS in the wild.

Have you made a website with KeystoneJS? Let us know!

Hood (Social Network)

The idea behind this site is to connect positive people of cheerful spirit and a good heart in every possible way (Tech Meetup) is an open forum of professionals, hackers, architects and software engineers in Cork, Ireland