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Update Item

updateItem(item:Object, data:Object, options:Object, callback:Function)

A method to update an item that will apply Keystone's internal validators before attempting to update, to ensure data integrity.

  • item: the mongo object that you want to save. Note that the .save() function from mongoose will be called on it, so only properly created objects will be properly persisted, otherwise an error will be thrown.
  • data: the data you want to update. The keys will be validated against the matching keys on the model, then the values will be updated. Providing a key with a value of null or an emptry string will clear that field. Fields that are undefined will be ignored.
  • options: an object with options for updateItem specifically.
  • callback: The callback is called with any errors as the first argument, and does not return anything other than any errors.

The options available are:


A list of fields to attempt to update. All other fields will not be updated even if values are provided. If a string is passed, it will attempt to use list-to-array to transform the string.


Allow the editing of fields specifically marked as noEdit. If fields is provided, this is defaulted to true, as only specifically selected fields will be updated.


A list of fields that must be included. Validation will fail and the data will not be updated if the field is not given in data. This can be a string that will be parsed using list-to-array, an array of field names, or an object with key: true for all fields that must be required.


Allows passing in of a mongoose object of a Keystone user. If the list has tracking: true, passing in a user will let createdBy or updatedBy to be set.