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Keystone 6 is now in General Availability!

Release: 22nd March 2021

"@keystone-next/access-control-legacy": "9.0.0",
"@keystone-next/adapter-prisma-legacy": "4.0.0",
"@keystone-next/admin-ui-utils": "3.0.2",
"@keystone-next/adapter-knex-legacy": "13.2.2",
"@keystone-next/adapter-mongoose-legacy": "11.1.2",
"@keystone-next/app-admin-ui-legacy": "7.4.3",
"@keystone-next/app-static-legacy": "5.1.5",
"@keystone-next/auth": "18.0.0",
"@keystone-next/cloudinary": "3.0.4",
"@keystone-next/document-renderer": "2.0.2",
"@keystone-next/field-views-loader-legacy": "6.0.3",
"@keystone-next/fields": "5.3.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-document": "3.1.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-legacy": "23.1.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-auto-increment-legacy": "8.2.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-cloudinary-image-legacy": "3.1.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-color-legacy": "1.1.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-markdown-legacy": "5.3.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-oembed-legacy": "4.1.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-unsplash-legacy": "4.1.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-wysiwyg-tinymce-legacy": "5.4.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-location-google-legacy": "3.3.4",
"@keystone-next/fields-mongoid-legacy": "9.1.7",
"@keystone-next/keystone": "13.0.0",
"@keystone-next/keystone-legacy": "21.0.0",
"@keystone-next/session-store-redis": "1.0.2",
"@keystone-next/test-utils-legacy": "14.0.0",
"@keystone-next/types": "15.0.0",

Prisma migrations ๐Ÿšš

  • We updated keystone-next dev with the Prisma adapter so that it interactively prompts for creating and applying migrations.
  • createKeystone and createSystem also accept a migration mode now instead of a script.
  • keystone-next generate now uses Prisma's programmatic APIs to generate migrations and it accepts the following options as command line arguments or as prompts:
    • --name to set the name of the migration
    • --accept-data-loss to allow resetting the database when it is out of sync with the migrations
    • --allow-empty to create an empty migration when there are no changes to the schema.

Noteworthy bug-squashing ๐Ÿ›

Now you can include negative values for float, decimal and integer fields. ๐ŸŽ‰

You can also view the verbose release notes on GitHub.