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Keystone 6 is now in General Availability!

Release: 11th May 2021

"@keystone-next/admin-ui": "14.1.2",
"@keystone-next/auth": "23.0.1",
"@keystone-next/fields": "8.2.0",
"@keystone-next/fields-document": "5.0.2",
"@keystone-next/keystone": "17.1.1",
"@keystone-next/test-utils-legacy": "17.0.3",
"@keystone-ui/core": "2.0.3",
"@keystone-ui/options": "3.0.1",

What's New

A bunch of admin UI tweaks in this release, among other minor fixes. We also have the initial stages of a new blog example and a sweet new admin UI logo.

You can also view the verbose release notes on GitHub.