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Release: 29th June 2021

What's New

The ID Field option has been revamped with cuid, uuid and autoincrement options! ๐Ÿคน

"@keystone-next/admin-ui-utils": "5.0.3",
"@keystone-next/auth": "28.0.0",
"@keystone-next/cloudinary@": "6.0.2",
"@keystone-next/fields": "11.0.2",
"@keystone-next/fields-document": "7.0.1",
"@keystone-next/keystone": "21.0.1",
"@keystone-next/testing": "1.0.1",
"@keystone-next/types": "21.0.0",
"@keystone-next/utils": "1.0.1",

New ID Fields ๐Ÿงฎ

We've replaced the idField list configuration option with a more constrained option, db.idField.

This option accepts an object with a kind property with a value of:

  • cuid
  • uuid
  • autoincrement

The default behaviour has changed from using autoincrement to using cuids.

To keep the current behaviour, you should set { kind: 'autoincrement' } at db.idField in your top level config.

db.idField can be set on either the top level config object:

db: {
idField: { kind: 'uuid' }

Or on individual lists:

lists: createSchema({
User: list({
db: {
idField: { kind: 'uuid' },
fields: {
name: text({ isRequired: true }),

You can also view the verbose release notes on GitHub.