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Release: 1st December 2021

This release marks the achievement of General Availability status for Keystone 6! 🚀

We’ve also included a range of improvements to Keystone’s TypeScript DX since shipping last week’s release candidate.

Keystone 6 ⚡️

With this major release, the project has moved to the @keystone-6 namespace on npm, and our version numbers have been reset.

We highly recommend you upgrade your existing Keystone Next projects to Keystone 6 with the packages below:

"@keystone-6/auth": "1.0.0",
"@keystone-6/cloudinary": "1.0.0",
"@keystone-6/document-renderer": "1.0.0",
"@keystone-6/fields-document": "1.0.0",
"@keystone-6/core": "1.0.0",
"@keystone-6/session-store-redis": "1.0.0",

Note: @keystone-next/keystone has been changed to @keystone-6/core

Among other internal naming changes, our CLI commands have switched from keystone-next to simply keystone, please ensure you update your startup scripts to suit!

To learn more about this major release and what’s in store for the road ahead, checkout our official general availability announcement and updated roadmap.

Type Enhancements

We've shipped a significant update to our generated TypeScript types.

The types for your schema are stricter when your lists are contextually typed by the newly provided Lists types from .keystone/types. This results in a smoother, type-safe auto-complete experience and stricter types for your access control, hooks, and any other code that uses a Keystone context.

For example, if you write all your lists in one object:

import { Lists } from '.keystone/types'
export const lists: Lists = {
Blah: list({...})

If you're defining your lists separately, you can do this:

import { Lists } from '.keystone/types'
export const Blah: Lists.Blah = list({

For a more in-depth view of what TypeScript types have been changed, see below:

  • The following types have been renamed:
    • BaseGeneratedListTypesBaseListTypeInfo
    • ItemRootValueBaseItem
    • ListInfoListGraphQLTypes
    • TypesForListGraphQLTypesForList
    • FieldTypeFunc now has a required type parameter which must satisfy BaseListTypeInfo
  • The following types now have a required type parameter which must satisfy BaseKeystoneTypeInfo:
    • ServerConfig
    • CreateRequestContext
    • AdminUIConfig
    • DatabaseConfig
    • ListOperationAccessControl
    • MaybeSessionFunction
    • MaybeItemFunction
  • GraphQLResolver and GraphQLSchemaExtension now have a required type parameter which must satisfy KeystoneContext
  • KeystoneGraphQLAPI no longer has a type parameter
  • The first parameter to the resolver in a virtual field will be typed as the item type if the list is typed with Keystone.Lists or Keystone.Lists.ListKey, otherwise it will be typed as unknown
  • The item/originalItem arguments in hooks/access control will now receive the Item type if the list is typed with Keystone.Lists or Keystone.Lists.ListKey, otherwise it will be typed as BaseItem
  • args has been removed from BaseListTypeInfo
  • inputs.orderBy and all has been added to BaseListTypeInfo
  • In .keystone/types:
    • ListKeyListTypeInfo has been moved to Lists.ListKey.TypeInfo
    • KeystoneContext has been renamed to Context

Credits 💫

This release would not have been possible without the support and feedback of such an awesome developer community.

We’re grateful for the ideas you bring, the help you give others, and the code contributions the you’ve made to get Keystone to where it is today.

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Complete Changelog 📜

You can also view the verbose release notes for this release on GitHub.