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Keystone 6 is now in General Availability!

Release: 30 June 2022

Adds MySQL Support

Keystone now supports MySQL by setting mysql in your db.provider see pull request #7538 for further information.

โš ๏ธ There are some differences in how Postgres and MySQL operate so be sure to checkout our new choosing the right database guide.

Admin UI Improvements

  • โž• Adds ui.description for fields to show a description below the label in the Admin UI - #7578
  • โž• Adds the ability to set ambiguous plurals - like Firmware or Shrimp - as list names without receiving an error. This builds on the existing graphql.plural configuration by adding the configuration options of ui.label, ui.singular, ui.plural and ui.path to change the auto-generated names of lists used in the Admin UI #7657
  • Fixes the inconsistent spacing in the Admin UI on relationships fields using the cards display mode - #7616
  • Fixes the semantic-based browser input behaviour for inline create and edit forms on relationship fields when using the cards display mode - #7629
  • Fixes the layout and component block floating toolbars from being shown behind other elements - #7604
  • Moves the remove button in component block array fields from inside a menu on the drag handle to the right of the drag handle - #7626
  • Fixes the document editor from breaking when the underlying schema for a component has a new field added. Please note that new fields will still be missing for existing data when fetched from GraphQL - #7674
  • Changes segmented control to not show a clear button if isRequired is set - #7639 Thanks @u-ishii

Other Improvements โœจ

  • โž• Changes the cloudinaryImage GraphQL output type to be exported for developer usage, for example in virtual fields - #7607 Thanks @mmachatschek!
  • โž• Adds support for Prisma's shadowDatabaseUrl option with db.shadowDatabaseUrl. Your Prisma schemas will now always include shadowDatabaseUrl = env("SHADOW_DATABASE_URL"), though using db.shadowDatabaseUrl is optional - #7350 Thanks @chelkyl and @jlarmstrongiv!
  • โž• Adds support for BigInt autoincrement id fields with idField: { kind: 'autoincrement', type: 'BigInt' } - #7188 Thanks @MurzNN!
  • Fixes for graphQLSchemaExtension, custom resolvers, if replacing default resolvers, were previously broken - #7644
  • โž• Adds db.nativeType option to the text field to customise the database type - #7538
  • Fixes the generation of an invalid Prisma schema when {field}.isIndexed: true and {field} are set - #7666 Thanks @TonnyORG!

Acknowledgements ๐Ÿ’™

Big shoutout to the following community members for their help in improving our documentation with their contributions:

Thanks to @mmachatschek (#7607), @ratson (#7627), @chelkyl (#7350) and @u-ishii (#7639) for making their first contributions to the project!

Verbose Changelog ๐Ÿ“œ

You can also view the verbose changelog or compare via GitHub since 2022-06-09