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Keystone 6 is now in General Availability!

Release Notes

30th June 2022

Latest Release

Adds support for MySQL and many additional Admin UI improvements. β€” Read more

9th June 2022

New and Improved Images & Files. Array fields in Component blocks. Many Admin UI improvements. β€” Read more

13th May 2022

Improvements to decimal validation and Admin UI read-only fields.✨ β€” Read more

1st December 2021

Keystone 6 has hit General Availability! We've shipped some additional improvements since our release candidate last week. πŸš€ β€” Read more

24th November 2021

The Release Candidate for Keystone 6 General Availability has arrived! Within you’ll find numerous improvements across the project. ⭐️ β€” Read more

15th November 2021

Expanded unique filters, customisable table and column names support and a new example featuring Nexus as we continue to finalise our GA release. πŸͺ’ β€” Read more

2nd November 2021

Server-side Live Reloading is here! πŸš€ Plus more updates as we finalise the Keystone 6 GA release. β€” Read more

5th October 2021

We're nearly at Gold Master status for the Keystone 6 GA release! In this release we have a Fields Overhaul, Hook Updates, Improved Messaging, and much more! πŸš€ β€” Read more

6th September 2021

Edging ever closer to General Availability for Keystone 6, this release includes a better Access Control API ✨, customisable Express App πŸ—ΊοΈ, customisable GraphQL Paths 🚏 and more... β€” Read more

17th August 2021

A major milestone in the path to a General Availability status for Keystone 6 this release includes new and improved GraphQL API and more. ✨ β€” Read more

29th July 2021

Custom navigation, pages and logo in this big Admin UI themed release! πŸŽ›οΈ β€” Read more

13th July 2021

More examples, types, and UI rendering tweaks as we push forward towards a general availability release! πŸš€ β€” Read more

30th June 2021

We fixed an issue with cloudinaryImage and relationship fields. πŸ”₯ β€” Read more

29th June 2021

The ID Field option has been revamped with cuid, uuid and autoincrement options! 🀹 β€” Read more

28th June 2021

A new package to help test the behaviour of your GraphQL API, a document field example, better error messages, accessibility updates and another Prisma update! 🍱 β€” Read more

15th June 2021

Keystone Next now has a new core πŸ€–, unblocking many of the features you’ve been waiting for! β€” Read more

2nd June 2021

We have a new JSON field ✨, a bunch of new learning resources, and plenty of under the hood optimisations in this big release. πŸ’ͺ β€” Read more

19th May 2021

Node updates and Admin UI has moved! 🚚 β€” Read more

17th May 2021

Apollo caching can now be configured for performance πŸ”₯ and a basic authentication example to get your started πŸ”’ β€” Read more

11th May 2021

A bunch of admin UI tweaks in this release πŸ–₯️, among other minor fixes β€” Read more

5th May 2021

Aside from dependency updates 😴, we added an isIndexed config option to the text, integer, float, select, and timestamp field types β€” Read more

3rd May 2021

Files in Keystone Next πŸ“! This release involved a bunch of busywork behind the scenes in Keystone Next πŸ”§ β€” Read more

20th April 2021

Improvements to the Lists API, deprecating resolveFields πŸ”§ β€” Read more

6th April 2021

Controlled code demolition πŸ—οΈ πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ, Better pagination in Admin UI ⏭️ β€” Read more

30th March 2021

Goodbye legacy code πŸ‘‹ πŸŒ‡, Improved select field type πŸ”½, Squashed bugs πŸ› β€” Read more

23rd March 2021

Added support for SQLite with Prisma πŸŽ‰, Noteworthy bug-squashing πŸ› β€” Read more

22nd March 2021

Prisma migrations 🚚, Noteworthy bug-squashing πŸ› β€” Read more

πŸ”Ž You can also find all the Keystone 6 releases on GitHub!