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The superpowered CMS for developers

Keystone helps you build faster and scale further than any other CMS or App Framework. Just describe your schema, and get a powerful GraphQL API & beautiful Management UI for content and data.

No boilerplate or bootstrapping – just elegant APIs to help you ship the code that matters without sacrificing the flexibility or power of a bespoke back-end.

yarn create keystone-app
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A Thinkmill product

We're an Australian design + development consultancy with a long history working on big products at scale for names you know.
Why we built Keystone

Open Source & trusted

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    First Commit

When I'm building an app or site, Keystone is the backend I'd use ten times out of ten. So impressive what the team have done in version 6! ...and it works perfectly with GraphCDN, just use it already!

@mxstbr user image@mxstbr

I use Keystone in my Advanced React course because it’s super quick to get my content types up and running, add custom server-side cart & checkout logic, and the fine grain access control is just fantastic!

@wesbos user image@wesbos

As someone who lives on the frontend, I love how Keystone lets me define content models and gives me the backend I need. I get a sweet GraphQL API, and can stay focused on building the UI 😍

@simonswiss user image@simonswiss

Keystone for enterprises.

Need enterprise level support? Get tailored Keystone support from the people who built it.Learn more

Batteries included. No limitations.

Ship a backend easily without surrendering control.
Keystone has all you need to start fast and scale on your terms.

  • All the field types

  • Access Control

  • Session Management

  • Custom Schema

  • Database Migrations

  • TypeScript Support

  • Powerful Filters

  • Relational Data

  • Automated CRUD

  • Event Hooks

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How it works

A developer experience that lets you start fast, and ship at speed
without sacrificing your long view.

  1. Design your schema

    Rapidly spec your backend with all the primitive and advanced field types you need.

    Add logic, access control, and custom queries & mutations to create an API that's unique to your app.

    • 100% TypeScript (or JavaScript)
    • Fits your git-based workflow & CI
    • Automatic db migrations with Prisma
    import { list } from '@keystone-6/core';
    import { document, text, timestamp, password, relationship } from '@keystone-6/core/fields';
    export const lists = {
    Post: list({
    fields: {
    title: text({ validation: { isRequired: true } }),
    content: document(),
    publishDate: timestamp(),
    author: relationship({ ref: 'Author.posts', many: false }),
    Author: list({
    fields: {
    name: text({ validation: { isRequired: true } }),
    email: text({ isIndexed: 'unique', validation: { isRequired: true } }),
    password: password(),
    posts: relationship({ ref: '', many: true }),
  2. Customise your content story

    A flexible and intuitive editing environment that does what your schema says: Keystone’s Admin UI understands your access control, so you can shape it to your unique needs.

    • Powerful access control
    • Next-gen rich text WYSIWYG
    • BYO custom React components
    Overlay of Admin UI field panes showing fields for a Post content type. Promotional text overlays show: custom & virtual fields; flexible relationships; powerful sort & filtering.
  3. Query your data

    Get what you need, fast. Keystone's GraphQL API gives you session management, access control, pagination, sorting, and filtering out of the box. Customise it without losing the bits that work for you.

    • Powerful CRUD scaffolding
    • Evolve with bespoke logic for your app
    • Integrate microservices & external APIs
    posts(take: 2, where: {
    title: { contains: "content" }
    }) {
    author {
    "data": {
    "posts": [
    "title": "How structured content gives you superpowers",
    "author": {
    "name": "Tim"
    "title": "Content Management for the Design System generation",
    "author": {
    "name": "Lauren"
  4. Deploy anywhere

    Keystone is open source. Deploy it to managed services like Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Render, or your own custom infrastructure.

    The source of truth is your codebase, so Keystone fits naturally into your git-based development workflow, and you can use all the CI & Automation tooling you already know.

    Deploy targets for Keystone are any and all services you've heard of like Digital Ocean, Render, Heroku, Vercel, Google Cloud, AWS, Azure etc

Built for the modern ecosystem

Access your content from any frontend framework or distribution channel. Build static sites, dynamic apps, commerce experiences and more for web and mobile with the tools you find most productive.

Keystone for:

Unify your team dynamic

Enable a content culture that’s productive, collaborative, and fun. Open and flexible. A tool your whole team can grow with.

What makes Keystone a CMS for the Design System generation?

See our new document editor
Browser window of the Keystone Document Field showing demo text explaining how the field can be used.
A map of our awesome contributors

Learn with others in a supportive community

Share your work and get the help you need in the Keystone community Slack: an inclusive space to share ideas and explore what‘s possible.

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Start building today.

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yarn create keystone-app