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Keystone for Enterprise

Keystone support from the people who built it

Keystone is developed and maintained by Thinkmill , an Australian software design and development consultancy. We’ve been building and scaling Keystone apps since 2013 and can provide flexible, tailored, and hands-on support for your Keystone project.

A few of the teams we're already supporting:

  • Vocal

    Large scale platform for content creators.

  • Rugby Australia

    Headless CMS to power 3000 websites.

  • Enlitic

    Medical Annotation Platform & PACS.

  • Dep't of Foreign Affairs & Trade

    Australia’s Free Trade Agreements website.

  • PJohnson Tailors

    Custom garment order & production management system.

  • Westpac

    Content management for Westpac’s GEL Design System.

  • The Print Bar

    Application backend for a custom design and ordering platform.

Since moving from Sitecore to Keystone 6, development and site performance have never been faster. We integrated live scores seamlessly with our new GraphQL API, and the Document field has transformed our Design System and content workflows.

Picture of Kevin Stafford

Kevin Stafford

CTO, Rugby Australia

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