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Keystone for developers

The ideal backend for your favourite frontend

Build sophisticated experiences with a framework that saves time and won't lock you in. Design APIs on the fly, give editors what they need, and ship to any frontend you like. All in version controllable code.

yarn create keystone-app
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Built with the best of the modern web

  • Schema

    100% JavaScript
    Version controllable

  • GraphQL API

    With Apollo Server
    Flexible & Extensible

  • Admin UI

    With Next.js
    Intuitive & configurable

  • Database & Assets

    Postgres & SQLite
    Cloud & self-hosted

The APIs you want. Because you made them.

You can't boilerplate your way towards a great user experience. That’s why Keystone doesn't limit what you can put in an API. It’s flexible by design: tell Keystone what you want in your schema and get the matching APIs you need in return.

Lists API reference →

Working with @KeystoneJS is such a pleasant experience. After hand rolling a few GraphQL APIs this is lightning fast!

@jvredbrown user image@jvredbrown

A content studio your storytellers will rally around.

Give your editors what they need without changing tools. Keystone has a highly configurable CMS built in. Program with JavaScript, store changes in version control, and integrate with your preferred CI tools.

Keystone for content management →

Overlay of Admin UI field panes showing fields for a Post content type. Promotional text overlays show: extensive field options; flexible relationships; powerful sort & filtering.

A Rich Text editor for the design system generation.

Keystone’s Document field is the first of its kind: intuitive, customisable, and works with your design system components. Make it as lean or full-featured as you like. It’s up to you.

  • Configurable interface
  • BYO custom React components
  • Structured JSON output

Try the demo →

Keystone Document field containing Rich Text content including Twitter embed component, and syntax highlighted code block.

The features you need to start fast and scale sustainably.

  • Custom roles & access

    Build your own roles-based access controls. No limits on the amount and kind of roles you can configure.

    Access control API →

  • Flexible relationships

    One to one. One to many. Many to many. Self-referential. It's all there.

    Relationships guide →

  • Intuitive CLI

    Kick start new projects and try examples on for size from the comfort of your terminal.

    CLI guide →

  • 100% Typescript

    Ship fewer bugs with a statically typed workflow. Get Keystone type definitions as you write.

Start learning today

Keystone foundations

Best practice examples

A map of our awesome contributors

Learn with others in a supportive community

Share your work and get the help you need in the Keystone community Slack: an inclusive space to share ideas and explore what‘s possible.

Join the community Slack
  • 2500+ members
  • Personalised support

Don’t just take our word for it.

People on the internet say some really nice things about KeystoneJS

How good is Keystone support! The answers are fast, thought through, technical when needed, and always gentle... Kudos to the Keystone team, thank you very much! 😊

@nemeo user image@nemeo

I love how Keystone’s access control lets me declare every single Create, Read, Update, and Delete operation at both the model and field level. It’s my favorite way of implementing Auth.

@wesbos user image@wesbos

As someone who lives on the frontend, I love how Keystone lets me define content models and gives me the backend I need. I get a sweet GraphQL API, and can stay focused on building the UI 😍

@simonswiss user image@simonswiss

@KeystoneJS is almost too good to be open source. I can’t stress enough how awesome the dev experience is. This is what I wish WordPress was.

@divslingerx user image@divslingerx

I think I'm in love. Keystone‘s just what I needed: a dashboard & GraphQL API that works like a charm. As a frontend dev with skills in node and elastic search, Keystone + GraphQL just feels so right to me ❤️️

@_kud user image@_kud

The more I use Keystone, the more I am so impressed. If you have a project and need a quick (and good) backend, I'd look into Keystone for sure.

@beaulne user image@beaulne

The new @KeystoneJS rich text editor has incredible inline React component support, including editing props and everything!

@mxstbr user image@mxstbr

Keystone‘s new customisable Document field is really powerful and quite a unique selling proposition. Great job team Keystone 👏🏼

@mattiloh user image@mattiloh

My mind is being blown today! Combining @KeystoneJS with @supabase_io and the experience is just magical.

@BenAPatton user image@BenAPatton

Start building today.

  • 5 minute starters
  • Example projects
  • Free forever
  • No lock-in
yarn create keystone-app