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Developer Docs

Using Keystone 5? Find the docs at

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The Keystone Experience

Discover the vision behind Keystone and what it's like to work with. If you’ve just heard of Keystone, start here first:


Step-by-step instructions for getting things done with Keystone.


Practical explanations of Keystone’s fundamental building blocks. When you’re trying to get something done, Keystone guides show you how to think about, and get the most out of each feature.

Example projects

A growing collection of projects you can run locally to learn more about Keystone features. Use these as a reference for best practice, and a jumping off point when adding features to your own Keystone project. View on Github →


A basic Blog schema with Posts and Authors. Use this as a starting place for learning how to use Keystone. It’s also a starter for other feature projects.

Task Manager

A basic Task Management app, with Tasks and People who can be assigned to tasks. Great for learning how to use Keystone. It’s also a starter for other feature projects.

Extend GraphQL Schema

Shows you how to extend the Keystone GraphQL API with custom queries and mutations. Builds upon the Blog starter project.

Default Values

Demonstrates how to use default values for fields. Builds upon the Task Manager starter project.

Virtual fields

Implements virtual fields in a Keystone list. Builds on the Blog starter project.

Document field

Illustrates how to configure document fields in your Keystone system and render their data in a frontend application. Builds on the Blog starter project.


Shows you how to write tests against the GraphQL API to your Keystone system. Builds on the Authentication example project.


Adds password-based authentication to the Task Manager starter project.

JSON Field

Illustrates how to use the json field type.

Custom Field View

Adds a custom Admin UI view to a json field which provides a customised editing experience for users.

Custom Field Type

Adds a custom field type based on the integer field type which lets users rate items on a 5-star scale.

Custom Admin UI Pages

Adds a custom page in the Admin UI.

Custom Admin UI Logo

Adds a custom logo component in the Admin UI.

Custom Admin UI Navigation

Adds a custom Navigation component to the Admin UI.

Document Field Customisation

Example to demonstrate customisation of Keystone's document field and document renderer.

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