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Keystone for organisations

Flexibility by design

The content backend you can shape to fit any business logic.

Keystone combines the controls you need for complex solutions with the simplicity and composability of a well-designed JavaScript framework. Start simply, improve as you go, and adapt to new opportunities when they arise.

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Bring your code and content people together.

Balance both sides of your code+content equation with a framework that suits everybody. Give storytellers the roles and fields they need with tools your developers know and love.

  • Extensive field types
  • Custom auth & access control
  • Integrates with any frontend

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Two application windows. One shows an IDE with Keystone schema code to configure fields. The other shows content fields in Keystone Admin UI

Since moving from Sitecore to Keystone 6, development and site performance have never been faster. We integrated live scores seamlessly with our new GraphQL API, and the Document field has transformed our Design System and content workflows.

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Kevin Stafford

General Manager Technology | Rugby Australia

Reach your audience in any channel.

Connect to your audience wherever you find them with an API-first headless CMS. You don’t need a separate back-end for every site and app you run. Manage your message from a single source of truth and expose it to any frontend application.

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Working with @KeystoneJS is such a pleasant experience. After hand rolling a few GraphQL APIs this is lightning fast!

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Made by people who know business.

Built by Thinkmill, an internationally recognised design & development consultancy. Keystone is proven in the field of business, and designed to fit the needs of organisations that scale.

Data. Integrity.

Benefit from the power of a full-featured relational database without being locked in to a proprietary platform. Host your own data and define your own access to stay in control.

  • Self-hosting options
  • Postgres and SQLite support
  • No walled gardens for your content
2 application panes. One displays a database configuration app with DB columns and rows containing content. The other displays the same column and row content in Keystone Admin UI.

With Keystone, the future’s still yours. We just make it easier to get there.

When you're growing a project, solving for repetitive tasks can mean the difference between success and failure. You can choose tools with strong opinions to solve what you know today, but you risk binding your future to tools that can't adapt as you grow.

Keystone bridges this gap. You get to work fast with features that provide the perfect amount of abstraction, but you're also never fenced in by what it provides.

Own your own data, configure things the way you need, and stay ready for change when it comes. We even put escape hatches in all the right places, so when you need to externalise a feature or integrate with other software – you can.

When your success demands you need to go 100% bespoke, Keystone engineers its own redundancy, so you can move to your own thing gracefully, on your terms.

Start building today.

  • 5 minute starters
  • Example projects
  • Free forever
  • No lock-in
yarn create keystone-app