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Customisable Admin UI

Published on July 29th, 2021 by Ronald Aveling

Custom Admin UI Navigation 🚏

You can now create your own custom navigation component with custom routes to be rendered in the Admin UI.

Check out our detailed Custom Admin UI Navigation guide for all the details!

Custom navigation screenshot

Custom Admin UI Pages 📃

Take things a step further with custom pages. As the Admin UI is built on top of Next.js, it exposes the same /pages directory for adding custom pages.

ℹī¸ In the near future you'll be able to directly embed pages within the Keystone Admin UI itself, stay tuned!

Read our new Custom Admin UI Pages guide for more details.

Custom page screenshot

Wait, there's more. You can also replace the default Admin UI logo with your own brand assets. ✨

Dive into our Custom Admin UI Logo guide to find out how.

Animated logo screenshot

You can view the verbose release notes on GitHub.

If you like using Keystone, we'd appreciate a shout out in Twitter and a star in GitHub.