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A password field represents an encrypted password value.


  • Adds a Prisma @map attribute to this field which changes the column name in the database
  • db.isNullable (default: validation.isRequired ? false : true): If false then this field will be made non-nullable in the database and it will never be possible to set as null.
  • validation.isRequired (default: false): If true then this field can never be set to null. It validate this when creating and updating an item through the GraphQL API or the Admin UI. It will also default db.isNullable to false.
  • validation.length.min (default: 8): This describes the minimum length allowed. If you attempt to submit a string shorter than this, you will get a validation error.
  • validation.length.max (default: undefined): This describes the maximum length allowed. If you attempt to submit a string longer than this, you will get a validation error.
  • validation.match (default: undefined): This describes a pattern that values for this field must match
    • validation.match.regex: The regular expression
    • validation.match.explanation (default: ${fieldLabel} must match ${validation.match.regex}): A message shown in the Admin when a value doesn't match the regex and returned as a validation error from the GraphQL API
  • validation.rejectCommon (default: false): Rejects passwords from a list of commonly used passwords.
  • bcrypt (default: require('bcryptjs')): A module which implements the same interface as the bcryptjs package, such as the native bcrypt package. This module will be used for all encryption routines in the password field.
import { config, list } from '@keystone-6/core';
import { password } from '@keystone-6/core/fields';
export default config({
lists: {
SomeListName: list({
fields: {
someFieldName: password({
db: { map: 'password_field' },
validation: {
length: { min: 10, max: 1000 },
isRequired: true,
rejectCommon: true,
bcrypt: require('bcrypt'),
/* ... */
/* ... */
/* ... */

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