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Latest News

A snapshot of improvements we've landed recently in Keystone.
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6th September 2021

New & Improved Access Control API

Access Control is now easier to program, and makes it harder to introduce security gaps in your system.

  • The static approach to access control has been replaced. Now access control never effects the operations in your GraphQL API.
  • Keystone used to return an access denied error from a query if an item couldn't be found, or explicitly had access denied. The improved API never returns that error type on a query.
  • Access rules are now more explicit, and support fewer variations so you're less likely to introduce security gaps.
To securely upgrade your system, follow the instructions in our Access Control upgrade guide.

6th September 2021

Customisable Express App

A long awaited feature, the Express App that Keystone creates is now customisable with the new extendExpressApp option:

  • Add your own custom server routes
  • Host two apps on separate ports
  • And more...

6th September 2021

GraphQL Path Customisation

The GraphQL endpoint accessible by default at `/api/graphql` can now be customised with the new option config.graphql.path. You can find this and all other options in our GraphQL API docs.

17th August 2021

New & improved GraphQL API

A major milestone in the path to a General Availability status for Keystone 6, we've just released a new and improved GraphQL API. 🎉

We’ve made the experience of working with Keystone’s GraphQL API easier to program and reason about: We've written a complete guide to the improvements we've made, and it includes a checklist of the steps you need to take to upgrade your Keystone projects. Be sure to check it out!

29th July 2021

Admin UI Customizations

We're opening Admin UI up to support a more personal content experience. Now you can:

To deliver a more productive editor experience that's aligned with the needs and brand of your organisation.

29th July 2021

New Health Check endpoint

We've added an optional /_healthcheck endpoint to Keystone's express server. Use it to ensure your Keystone instance is up and running with website monitoring solutions.

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10th July 2021

Watch Jed's Prisma Day workshop

Follow along in with the repo as Jed builds a front and back-end for a Blog app with Prisma, KeystoneJS, GraphQL, Next.js and Tailwind, that gives you:Editors can embed audience Polls in post content, and authenticated visitors can make their vote count in the frontend.

29th June 2021

New example: Custom Field Views

Learn how to create a custom field view for a JSON field that lets users users add, edit and remove navigation items from a list.

10th July 2021

Watch Jed's Prisma Day talk

Jed's talk at Prisma Day 2021 is a great overview into what makes Keystone special. Watch below, or read the full transcript.

29th June 2021

New website

We've launched our new website for Keystone 6! There’s a new home page, and background on why Keystone is built for projects that need to scale on their own terms. Navigating the docs is easier with breadcrumbs, index pages for Walkthroughs, Guides, and APIs, and a better mobile experience. We hope you like it ❤️

21st June 2021

New guides

In our contuing efforts to improve the developer documentation for Keystone 6, we’ve written the following guides:

15th June 2021

New core

After months of work deep in the codebase, Keystone 6 now has a new core. This unblocks a bunch of roadmap features like custom field types, GraphQL Schema extensions, and more. The new core does bring some minor behavioural changes to Keystone’s APIs. See the release notes for more information.

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15th June 2021

Improved accessibility (a11y) in the Admin UI

We’ve made accessibility updates to DatePicker labels, relationship fields, as well as visual improvements to segment control (when no value is selected), and more.

15th June 2021

Unique Text and Integer field filtering

A long awaited feature: you can now find an item by unique fields in your schema. It works for text and integer fields that have isUnique: true set.

2nd June 2021

New JSON field

You can now use JSON blobs in your backend, and provide your own React UI components to edit them. Try it out in this example project. It accepts any valid JSON node including:

  • string
  • number
  • array
  • object

1st June 2021

Example projects collection

We now have a collection of example projects you can run locally to learn more about a particular feature of Keystone. Each project comes with explainers on the how and why. Use them as a reference for best practice, and as a jumping off point when adding features to your own Keystone project.

22nd May 2021

SQLite support with Prisma

You can now use SQLite to store data via Prisma. It includes support for the file and cloudinary field types, and lets you embed Keystone inside a Next.js frontend app.

6th April 2021

Controlled code demolition

We’ve pruned a lot of code to make way for a more efficient and productive core in Keystone 6. Changes include:

  • Removed DB adapters and many redundant methods and arguments (now that Keystone 6 uses Prisma under the hood).
  • Exchanged deploy, reset and generate commands for keystone-next prisma commands.

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19th March 2021

Guidance on using Keystone 5 vs Keystone 6

Keystone 5 is now in maintenance mode while we focus all our efforts on building Keystone 6. If you’re wondering which version to start your next project with, this guide is for you.

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